About RANT

Disruptive Debate, Open Discussion & Networking for influential cybersecurity and information security professionals from end-user organisations.

The aim of RANT is to provide a platform for all members to discuss and debate Information Security related issues in an open format. The relaxed networking environment provides guests with the opportunity to discuss relevant issues and to network with like-minded individuals. Launched over nine years ago,  RANT aims to provide the community with the opportunity to contribute to the topical and informative discussions with their experiences, opinions and questions.

RANT prides itself on being a completely sales-free zone and hence it is closed to security vendors and consultancies except for sponsorship. It aims to provoke participation and debate, and speakers at the RANT event are encouraged to discuss pertinent topics that engage our audience and stay true to the unique RANT vision.

The free to attend RANT Forums are held on the last Wednesday of every month in central London and quarterly in Manchester. Being a member of the RANT community is completely free, as are all of our events.

Reasons to join our community…

Debate. RANT is not a lecture based event. Held under the Chatham House Rule, RANT is a platform for the entire Senior Information Security community to have a voice and join in the controversial discussions and debates in real time. Voice your challenges, opinions, experiences and discuss the issues that have been bothering you. You have the freedom to grab the mic whenever you would like to express your views.

Peers. Our events are only open to senior InfoSec end-user professionals, this creates a unique environment for frank and open debate. These discussions involve not only our speakers, but all our delegates, making RANT an exceptional learning, sharing and networking environment.

Networking. RANT always ensures we have plenty of time to catch up with colleagues past and present.

Food & Beer. Whatever you choose to eat or drink at any of our events you can always be sure there will be a great variety and plenty of it.

Entertainment. We always aim to ensure our events are educational and entertaining. There are too many dull conferences and forums out there, and our aim is to do something different across all our platforms. Our community contains a pool of brilliant speakers, and we chose only the most fervent and passionate contributors.

Career Development. We’re always looking for talented new speakers, if this is your bag we offer opportunities across our various different event types.


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qtI highly recommended the RANT event. It is a welcome opportunity to learn a thing or two, meet people, network and even claim a CPE credit in the process. The hospitality of the evening is unbeatable. There is no better event in the City for IT Security and Corporate Governance professionals.

qtRANT is sufficiently sized and informal to encourage a free exchange of ideas and information. Being sales-free is invaluable.

qtMy first RANT event – I think it’s great that these are put on, thanks for doing them. I also won the Amazon voucher prize – so thank you very much.

qtThe format is live and informal and sparks great idea’s and debates missing out is not good for the security mind set.

qt“Well organised by the RANT team, good atmosphere, great interaction from the audience and excellent opportunity to network after the speech. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and will definitely be trying to get back on the stage soon.”

Gavin Millard, Technical Director at Tenable Network Security

Spoke at the Manchester Forum in November 2015

qt“In 20 years of attending conferences, panels and seminars, I’ve never enjoyed an event so much.  Real opinions are encouraged and regurgitated nonsense is frowned upon – this is the kind of atmosphere you’ve been waiting for in a security event.”

Becky Pinkard, Regular RANTer

qtThe atmosphere and interaction we get from standing around in a pub is priceless. So many sponsored evening events are “death by powerpoint” in an uncomfortable chair with bad coffee. RANT is over 9000 times better….